Engineering Consulting

 At London Petrotech Engineering , we specialize in unlocking innovations through expert technical guidance. Our core competencies currently center on metallurgy, corrosion, welding, root-cause failure analysis, process engineering, and flow assurance. With every new project, our elite team of engineers and consultants brings decades of hands-on experience assessing assets, conducting field work, running simulations, and authoring detailed reports. We immerse ourselves in your operations to provide bespoke solutions that solve immediate challenges and establish lasting impact.

As we continue expanding our capabilities, we look forward to leveraging our strengths in additional areas like piping, mechanical, pipeline, and structural engineering. But our commitment remains the same: to deliver industry-leading insights that help you maximize performance, mitigate risk, and capitalize on new opportunities.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our areas of expertise. Please reach out with any questions – we look forward to discussing how our services can empower your organization’s goals

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We offer a wide range of services related to corrosion engineering, corrosion modelling, and corrosion integrity management.

Tap into our seasoned experts’ extensive materials engineering and metallurgy proficiency to design and supply tailored components for demanding oil and gas operations.

Access decades of welding expertise to deliver optimized welding solutions for critical applications and improved manufacturability.

Trust our accomplished team to apply extensive process engineering and flow assurance expertise for optimal design of oil and gas facilities and pipelines.

Our technical specialists have the proven expertise to meticulously investigate failures and effectively communicate causes. Count on our experienced professionals for clear-cut failure analysis reports, onsite assessments, and expert court testimonies regarding defects or mishaps.