Process Engineering and Flow Assurance

Our experienced team of process engineers provides comprehensive consultancy services for oil, gas, and petrochemical projects. Leveraging industry-leading software and adhering to international standards such as API, ASME, and NORSOK, we partner with clients through all phases of project execution, from FEED to detailed design.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Process Simulation – We construct dynamic models of facilities to simulate process behavior for design optimization and operability studies.
  • Relief System Design – We ensure code compliance and safe facility operation through sizing of pressure relief valves, flares, and associated piping per API 520/521/526.
  • Hydraulic Calculations – Our rigorous pipe sizing, pump head, and compressor surge analyses ensure efficient hydraulics.
  • Process Control Philosophy – We develop cause and effect diagrams, P&IDs, and other documentation to guide control system implementation.
  • Equipment Sizing – With an eye for efficiency and operability, we appropriately size process vessels, columns, drums, exchangers, and specialty equipment.

Flow Assurance

We provide expert flow assurance consulting services to identify and solve production challenges. Leveraging state-of-the-art tools and know-how, we ensure smooth operations throughout field lifespan in all conditions.

Our flow assurance capabilities include:

  • Gas Hydrate Mitigation – We model hydrate formation risks and design prevention strategies and treatment regimens.
  • Liquid Management – Our surge analysis and equalization optimization prevents issues like slugging.
  • Wax and Asphaltene Control – We diagnose and treat deposit problems to avoid flow restrictions.
  • Chemical Injection – We design proper injection systems and optimize chemical use for process control.

With our advanced engineering expertise, we tackle complex process and flow assurance problems, enabling efficient and trouble-free operations.