Root-Cause Failure Analysis

Course Description

Unlocking the Secrets of Failure: A Masterclass in Root Cause Analysis for the Oil and Gas Industry

Equipment failures in oil and gas operations lead to costly unplanned shutdowns, safety risks, and environmental impacts. This intensive two-day masterclass provides oil and gas professionals with an in-depth understanding of state-of-the-art root cause analysis.

Key Deliverables:

Attendees gain practical knowledge and skills to tackle equipment failures across the breadth of E&P operations – from downhole to topsides. Expert instructors share real-world case studies and best practices aligned with global industry standards. Participants will learn:

  • Cutting-edge root cause analysis techniques based on BS EN 62740 and HSE 325/2001
  • Hands-on practice with advanced analytical methods including electron microscopy (e.g. SEM, EDS, XPS, Auger, XRF, XRD), mechanical testing, fractography, Non-Destructive Testing Methods (NDT), and metallograpy techniques.
  • Analytical and other simulation techniques commonly used in RCFA
  • How to select the optimal suite of tools to support robust failure investigations, such as Ishikawa, CTM, WBA, ECF and STEP
  • Failure modes and mechanisms specific to critical oil and gas equipment like Christmas trees, subsea manifolds, and FPSO process systems
  • Detailed case studies of failures on downhole equipment, offshore platforms and pipelines

Who Should Attend

Ideal for corrosion, materials, inspection, and reliability engineers seeking to sharpen their incident investigation expertise. Beginners to advanced practitioners will come away with knowledge to enable rigorous RCFA and effective solutions that minimize operational risks.

Take a deep dive into technical forensics and analysis for oil and gas. Uncover the factors that lead to failure and learn world-class techniques to prevent their recurrence.

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