Root Cause Failure Analysis & Expert Witness

Experience the power of our renowned RCA methodologies, including those outlined in the esteemed BS EN 62740 standard. These methodologies are the key to unlocking a comprehensive analysis of incidents, unraveling the intricate web of factors, causes, and conditions at play. Our investigations go beyond surface-level examination, incorporating a diverse array of activities. From conducting meticulous technical audits on material suppliers and equipment manufacturers to implementing targeted laboratory testing programs, we leave no stone unturned. As an independent third party, we prioritize fairness and impartiality, particularly in complex scenarios involving multiple stakeholders with varying interests.

At London Petrotech, our experienced consultants are equipped with an unrivaled level of expertise in providing expert witness support for legal proceedings related to engineering component failures in the energy and construction sectors. We are no strangers to the courtroom, participating in arbitration hearings and delivering compelling evidence in legal trials. Beyond that, we go the extra mile by offering invaluable advisory services to clients considering the path of litigation. Our deep understanding of the intricacies involved allows us to assess the likelihood of successful prosecution, empowering our clients to make well-informed decisions about potential legal actions.

Trust London Petrotech to be your unwavering ally, offering unparalleled support and insight as you navigate the complex landscape of engineering failures and legal challenges within the energy and construction sectors.

A few examples of root-cause failure analysis projects conducted by our experts are as follows:
– Root cause failure analysis of a well’s casing
– Root cause failure analysis of an electrical submersible pump
– Root cause failure analysis of several subsea pipelines and flowlines
– Root cause analysis of premature failure of some control valves in the gas compression unit of a topside production platform
– Root cause analysis of heat exchanger tubes suffered from accelerated metal-loss
– Root cause failure analysis of a free water knock out drum internally clad with Alloy 625 which was suffered from localized corrosion

With state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, decades of oil and gas experience, and trained metallurgical and mechanical engineers, we provide actionable root cause investigation and failure analysis so clients can prevent future equipment problems and failures.